Pocket format on thin paper


Vse techet

GROSSMAN, Vasilii, Vse techet, , 1973.
Grossman's first novel being published abroad,and banned in Soviet Union until 1989. A fine example of this pocket-size edition, aimed at being smuggled into the USSR. Read More

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Large caricatures of a troubled year

BELZEN, Ia. Ia. (artist)

Geroi Smutnogo Vremeni

BELZEN, Ia. Ia. (artist), Geroi Smutnogo Vremeni, , 1921.
Very rare album of full-page satirical illustrations of the situation in Russia during the turbulent years of the Civil War. Published in Berlin in 1921, and particularly remarkbale for its even-handed swipe at all participants in the War. Only three copies traced in Western public institutions. Read More

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Celebrated poetical tamizdat



AKHMATOVA, Anna, Rekviem, , 1963.
First edition of one of Akhmatova's most famous works, considered by many to be her finest. An important tamizdat of one of the best Russian poets; one of 500 copies only. Read More

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The failed revolt - very rare


Donesenie Varshavskogo komiteta

[DECEMBRISTS], Donesenie Varshavskogo komiteta, , 1826.
Very rare first edition of this important report on the Decembrists' revoltof the end of 1825. A lovely copy with contemporary provenance. Only one example traced outside Russia. Read More

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