20th century: Avant-Garde

ALTMAN, Natan.

Lenin. Risunki Natana Altmana [Lenin. Sketches by Natan Altman].

In 1920, Altman was invited to the Kremlin to create a bronze portrait of Vladimir Lenin. To complete this task, he spent about six weeks with the Bolsheviks' leader… The best sketches in preparation of the bronze bust eventually formed this booklet.

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Travels & History: Russia, Siberia, Asia and Pacific

LOUKOMSKI [LUKOMSKIY] Georgii Krestsenovich.

Le Kreml (Kremlin) de Moscou. Ses cathédrales, ses palais et ses trésors d'art.

A complete example of this impressive photographic survey of the Kremlin, often found incomplete. The 120 plates include photographic views and details of the Kremlin buildings and churches…

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Visual Arts & Architecture

[BEARDSLEY] – Nikolai Nikolaevich EVREINOV.

Berdslei [Beardsley].

First edition of the first Russian book on Beardsley, richly illustrated and published by the first female theatrical director in Russia. Discovered in the mid-1890s by the Mir Iskusstva [World of Art] group of Russian aesthetes, "Beardsley was soon fashioned into a cultural icon" (Dovzhyk). Read more

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