Travels & History: Russia, Siberia, Asia and Pacific

LEITSINGER, Jakob Ivanovich.

Photographic Views of Arkhangelsk and its Region.

A lovely group of photographs, showing Northern indigenous peoples and local trades by one of the main photographers of the Russian North.

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20th century: Dissidence & Emigre


Na putiakh k dvortsovomu perevorotu (zagovory pered revoliutsii 1917 goda) [On the Paths Towards a Palace Coup (plots ahead of the 1917 Revolution)].

First edition of this historical analysis of the secret plots and intrigues swirling around the Imperial regime in the lead up to 1917.

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Costumes, Fashion & Military

HARDING, E[dward] (publisher) [and William ALEXANDER].

Costume of the Russian Empire. Costume de l'empire russe. Illustrated by upwards of seventy richly coloured engravings. Representé en plus de soixante-dix gravures superbement colorées.

Fine example, attractively bound. The costumes were drawn after Georgi and Mueller, the English text was written by William Alexander, after the main texts available at the time on Russia.

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Russian Americana

GLADKII, S.V. and Iu.K. DVORZHITSKII (editors).

S beregov Ameriki: iubileinyi istoricheskii sbornik o-va Russkih morskih ofitserov v Amerike, 1923 – 1938. [From the Shores of America: commemorative historical compendium of the Association of former Russian naval officers in America, 1923 - 1938].

The Russian Navy and the Americas: warmly inscribed by one of the authors to the first Russian submarine commander in the Pacific. "Very rare" (Savine) illustrated émigré publication, with historical folding maps featuring the arctic coast of Russia... Read more

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Literature: Russian and neighbours

YERMOLOV, Aleksei Petrovich, also ERMOLOV.

[Notes of Aleksey Petrovich Yermolov about the war of 1812 [Zapiski Alekseia Petrovicha Ermolova o voine 1812 goda].

A detailed account of the Great Patriotic War by one of the most distinguished Russian military leaders. The important émigré first edition, printed in London and forbidden in Russia. A very good example with the rare printed wrapper bound-in. Read more

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Travels & History: Russia, Siberia, Asia and Pacific

LOUKOMSKI [LUKOMSKIY] Georgii Krestsenovich.

Le Kreml (Kremlin) de Moscou. Ses cathédrales, ses palais et ses trésors d'art.

A complete example of this impressive photographic survey of the Kremlin, often found incomplete. The 120 plates include photographic views and details of the Kremlin buildings and churches…

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Travels & History: Russia, Siberia, Asia and Pacific

CHAUDOIR, Baron Stanislas de.

Kitaiskie, manchzhurskie, mongolskie, iliiskie, koreiskie, iaponskie, aninanskie i neizvestnye monety, medali, assignatsii, menialnye bilety, zolotye i serebrianye slitki. [Catalogue of copper money of Chinese, Japanese, Korean Vietnamese and uncertain origins, medals, paper-money, exchange notes, gold and silver bars].

The scarce catalogue of Asian numismatics compiled by Baron Stanislas de Chaudoir, one of the greatest coin collectors of the early 19th century. With an unusual bibliography, only in Chinese ideograms…

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Travels & History: Russia, Siberia, Asia and Pacific

LISIANSKII, Yurii Feodorevich.

Sobranie kart i risunkov prinadlezhashchikh k Puteshestviiu Flota Kapitana I-go ranga i Kavalera Yuriia Lisianskogo, na korable Neve. [Collection of maps and plates belonging to the Voyage […] in the ship Neva].

The very rare atlas to the first edition of Lisianskii's voyage, "a very important and rare work on the history of Alaska in general and Sitka in particular" (Lada-Mocarski)

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Travels & History: Russia, Siberia, Asia and Pacific

BRAND, Johann Arnold von.

Reysen durch die Marck Brandenburg, Preussen, Churland, Liefland, Peßcovien, Groß-Naugardien, Tweerien und Moskovien […] anbey Eine Seltsame und sehr Anmerckliche Beschreibung von Siberien […].

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Travels & History: Russia, Siberia, Asia and Pacific

ONCHUKOV, Nikolai Evgenevich

Severnye skazki. Arkhangelskaia i Olonetskaia gg. [Northern tales. From Arkhangel and Olonetsk provinces]

A fine example of the first edition of these folk tales from the White Sea region, edited by Nikolai Onchukov (1872-1942), with the participation of the linguist Aleksei Shakhmatov and the prose writer Mikhail Prishvin among others.

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Travels & History: Russia, Siberia, Asia and Pacific


Pisma o vostochnoy Sibiri [Letters on Eastern Siberia].

A fresh and uncut copy of the first edition of this rare, early, and illustrated account of Siberia and the Chinese border, unusually describing the second British mission in Russia…

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Literature: European languages

FAGNANI, Federigo.

Lettere scritte di Pietroburgo correndo gli anni 1810 e 1811.

A superb example, very fresh and exempt of any foxing, of the expanded second edition, containing sixteen more letters in addition to the six published in the original edition of 1812. Scarce.

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Sciences, Economics, Politics, Philosophy

CHULKOV, Mikhail Dmitrievich.

Slovar Russkikh sueverii [The Dictionary of Russian Superstitions].

The first purely ethnographic attempt (Pypin): the first edition of this first study of pagan beliefs and rituals among the peoples of Russia, including Siberian and Northern populations. Mikhail Chulkov (1743-1792) was an active member of the Russian Enlightenment... Read more

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Travels & History: Caucasus and Central Asia

IAZYKOV, Dmitrii Ivanovich (editor and translator).

Sobranie puteshestvii k tataram I drugim vostochnim narodam, v XIII, XIV i XV stoletiakh. [Collection of Travels to the Tartars and Other Eastern People in the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries].

Early witness of the Russian interest in the eastern parts of its empire and its neighbours…in the original Latin and, for the first time, in a Russian translation, accounts of two missions to the Court of the Mongols.

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Travels & History: Eastern Europe, Poland, Ukraine


De Russorum, Moscovitarum et Tartarorum Religione, Sacrificiis, Nuptiarum, Funerum Ritu.

First edition of these early observations on Slavic peoples from Poland to Muscovy, their rites, religion, politics and customs.

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