With the dust-jacket


Belaia Gvardiia

BULGAKOV, Mikhail, Belaia Gvardiia, Letchworth, Hertfordshire, 1971.
An attractive example, with the rare original dustjacket, of the second complete 'tamizdat' edition of the Bulgakov's first novel. Read More

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One of 60 nominal copies



AKHMATOVA, Anna, Podorozhnik, Petropolis, Petrograd, 1921.
First edition of this celebrated poetry collection by one of Russia's best poets. A fresh example of the rare issue of only 60 nominal copies. Read More

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U-u-u-u-u-u... in first edition


Sobache serdtse

BULGAKOV, Mikhail, Sobache serdtse, Paris, 1969.
Uncommon first book edition in Russian of Bulgakov's suppressed satirical masterpiece. A lovely copy in its original wrappers by Annenkov. Read More

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Her last poems - in original wrappers


Posle Rossii. 1922-1925

TSVETAEVA, Marina, Posle Rossii. 1922-1925, Paris, 1928.
Scarce last poetry of Russia's great poetess, banned in the USSR: a fine example of the first edition, in the original wrappers. Includes one of Tsvetaeva's most famous poems. Read More

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Pocket format on thin paper


Vse techet

GROSSMAN, Vasilii, Vse techet, Frankfurt/Main, 1973.
Grossman's first novel being published abroad,and banned in Soviet Union until 1989. A fine example of this pocket-size edition, aimed at being smuggled into the USSR. Read More

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Possibly Russia's greatest poetess - in the original velvet

TSVETAEVA, Marina Ivanovna

Volshebnyi fonar. Vtoraia kniga stikhov

TSVETAEVA, Marina Ivanovna, Volshebnyi fonar. Vtoraia kniga stikhov, Moskva, 1912.
RARE FIRST EDITION OF Tsvetaeva's SECOND BOOK OF POETRY, CONTAINING TWO OF the MOST FAMOUS POEMS of the Russian writer. One of only 500 copies; an attractive example with the fragile original velvet binding unrestored. Read More

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The great Russian poetess lists her Russian publications


Typed letter signed ('Anna Akhmatova') to Boris Tarasov ('Dear Boris Aleksandrovich')

AKHMATOVA, Anna, Typed letter signed ('Anna Akhmatova') to Boris Tarasov ('Dear Boris Aleksandrovich'), Moscow, 25-Nov-62.
Fine book-related letter signed by Akhmatova, one of Russia's greatest poets, where she lists her recent publications in Russia, after a difficult period of hard censorship. Read More

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Large caricatures of a troubled year

BELZEN, Ia. Ia. (artist)

Geroi Smutnogo Vremeni

BELZEN, Ia. Ia. (artist), Geroi Smutnogo Vremeni, Berlin, 1921.
Very rare album of full-page satirical illustrations of the situation in Russia during the turbulent years of the Civil War. Published in Berlin in 1921, and particularly remarkbale for its even-handed swipe at all participants in the War. Only three copies traced in Western public institutions. Read More

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Celebrated poetical tamizdat



AKHMATOVA, Anna, Rekviem, Miunkhen, 1963.
First edition of one of Akhmatova's most famous works, considered by many to be her finest. An important tamizdat of one of the best Russian poets; one of 500 copies only. Read More

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