First complete edition


Khadzhi-Murat: Roman [Khadzhi-Murat: A Novel]

TOLSTOY, Lev, Khadzhi-Murat: Roman

Tolstoy's last novella, focusing on a celebrated hero of the Caucasus, here in its uncensored version for the first time. Scarce.

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Partially unopened, in the publisher's boards

TSVETAEVA, Marina Ivanovna

Razluka [Separation]

TSVETAEVA, Marina Ivanovna, Razluka

An attractive example of this fragile production, Tsvetaeva's first poetry collection published abroad. First edition.

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"Russia's Sapho" and her circle of female friends

PARNOK, Sofiia

Vpolgolosa. Stkihi 1926-1927 [Half-Whispered. Poems 1926-1927]

PARNOK, Sofiia, Vpolgolosa. Stkihi 1926-1927

An inscribed copy of Parnok's last collection of verses: a very rare work by a Russian woman standing out in the literary landscape of the country.

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Very early publication by Nabokov

[NABOKOV, Vladimir, A. BLOK, TEFFI, A. REMIZOV and others]

Rodnaia Zemlia, Sbornik 1-2 [The Native Land; First [and] Second Collection]

[NABOKOV, Vladimir, A. BLOK, TEFFI, A. REMIZOV and others], Rodnaia Zemlia, Sbornik 1-2

Possibly the earliest appearance of Nabokov in the West - together with several works many other important authors. A fine example in original wrappers.

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The first edition in Russian after the Nobel Prize award


Doktor Zhivago [Doctor Zhivago]

PASTERNAK, Boris, Doktor Zhivago

First printing of the first "legal" Russian edition of this famous Nobel Prize winner. A lovely copy of Pasternak's masterpiece.

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Gogol's masterpiece with "All of Russia"

GOGOL, Nikolai

Pokhozhdeniia Chichikova, ili Mertvyia dushi. Poema [The Adventures of Chichikov, or Dead Souls. A Poem]

GOGOL, Nikolai, Pokhozhdeniia Chichikova, ili Mertvyia dushi. Poema

A pinacle of humour and Russia's second great novel (after Lermontov's 'Hero of our Times'), here in a fine example of the first edition, with the very rare and famous upper wrapper.

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On the way to the New World


Otkrytie Ameriki [Discovery of America]

MAIAKOVSKII, Vladimir [MAYAKOVSKY] and David BURLIUK, Otkrytie Ameriki

Rare first edition of Mayakovsky's poem, illustrated by Burliuk, here in a fine, pleasant copy.

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Berlin's fauna of Russian immigrants


Zoo. Pisma ne o liubvi ili tretia Eloiza [Zoo. Letters Not About Love or the Third Eloise]

SHKLOVSKII, Viktor and El LISITSKII [LISSITZKY] (artist), Zoo. Pisma ne o liubvi ili tretia Eloiza

Cover design by El Lissitzky for this depiction of the Russian emigration in Berlin in the Golden Twenties.

The preferred first edition, rarer than the Russian one published shortly afterwards.

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Great copy with contemporary provenance

CHEKHOV, Anton Pavlovich

Povesti i razskazy [Novellas and Stories]

CHEKHOV, Anton Pavlovich, Povesti i razskazy

Some of the best short stories of the great Russian author (such as 'The Black Monk'), here in an attractive example with fine bibliophilic provenance.

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Odessa sung by her celebrated Zionist son


Piatero [The Five]



Very rare first edition of Jabotinsky's best novel: one of 75 copies on papier Japon, out of a total printrun of only 125 copies. A fine novel about Jabotinsky's native city in Ukraine, Odessa, far from his important Zionist militant activities. In original Russian.

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Famous short story - with the original wrappers


Khoziain i rabotnik. Rasskaz [Master and Man. A Story]

TOLSTOY, Leo, Khoziain i rabotnik. Rasskaz

Pleasant example, finely bound with the original wrappers, of this important short story by one of the greatest Russian authors. First issue of the first edition.

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In contemporary binding

TURGENEV, Ivan Sergeevich

Nov [Virgin Soil]

TURGENEV, Ivan Sergeevich, Nov

Pleasant example of this scarce and important Russian novel - first edition, printed outside Russia.

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Possibly Russia's greatest poetess - in the original velvet

TSVETAEVA, Marina Ivanovna

Volshebnyi fonar. Vtoraia kniga stikhov [The Magic Lantern. Second Book of Verse]

TSVETAEVA, Marina Ivanovna, Volshebnyi fonar. Vtoraia kniga stikhov

Very rare first edition of Tsvetaeva's second book of poetry, containing two of her most famous poems. One of only 500 copies; an attractive example with the fragile original velvet binding unrestored.

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Russian fables for Europe: illustrated and translated

KRYLOV – KRILOFF, Ivan Andreevich

Basni russkiia [...] Fables russes [...] imitées en vers Français et Italiens par divers auteurs

KRYLOV - KRILOFF, Ivan Andreevich, Basni russkiia [...] Fables russes [...] imitées en vers Français et Italiens par divers auteurs

Attractive example of this famous edition of Russia's greatest fabulist, in Russian, French and Italian, with engraved plates. A luxury lifetime production, here particularly fresh.

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With many important poets of the Silver Age

TSVETAEVA, Marina Ivanovna, et al

Antologiia [Anthology]

TSVETAEVA, Marina Ivanovna, et al, Antologiia

The young Tsvetaeva among other greats: Blok, Belyi, Solovev, Voloshin etc. Her second appearance in print, and the first of two poems of hers. With the original printed wrappers.

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The great poetess' comments on poetry

TSVETAEVA, Marina Ivanovna

Poet i vremia [The Poet and Time]

TSVETAEVA, Marina Ivanovna, Poet i vremia

Scarce first publication of Tsvetaeva's important essay on poetry.

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Chekhov's innovative director

STANISLAVSKII, Konstantin Sergeevich

Cabinet photograph signed to Andrei Pavlovich Petrovskii

STANISLAVSKII, Konstantin Sergeevich, Cabinet photograph signed to Andrei Pavlovich Petrovskii

Excellent photograph of the famous director, beautifully inscribed to a fellow man of theatre.

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War and Peace before War and Peace


Tysiacha vosemsot piatyi god [The Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Five]

TOLSTOY, Lev, Tysiacha vosemsot piatyi god

The very first publication of any part of Tolstoy's masterpiece 'War and Peace'.

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