In South America after Paris

SVITKOV, Nikolai [pseud. for Nikolai STEPANOV]

Masonstvo v Russkoi Emigratsii

SVITKOV, Nikolai [pseud. for Nikolai STEPANOV], Masonstvo v Russkoi Emigratsii, Sao Paulo, 1964.
Uncommon second edition of Svitkov's main work on Russian Masonry, published in Brazil. Read More

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In lovely condition


Na putiakh k dvortsovomu perevorotu (zagovory pered revoliutsii 1917 goda)

MELGUNOV, Sergei, Na putiakh k dvortsovomu perevorotu (zagovory pered revoliutsii 1917 goda), Rodnik, 1931.
Rather objective historical analysis of the Russian political plots around Tsar Nicholas II before the revolution. A fine example of the first edition. Read More

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From Tolstoy to Lenin, Gorky and Chaliapin - in Japan

SKITALETS [pseud. of Stepan Gavrilovich PETROV].

O znamenitykh russkikh liudiakh

SKITALETS [pseud. of Stepan Gavrilovich PETROV]., O znamenitykh russkikh liudiakh, Nagoia, 1927.
Very rare Russian book published in Japan, presenting short sketches of important Russian contemporaries, such as Tolstoy, Lenin, Gorky and Pleakhanov. Read More

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