"The most popular edition [...] by the outstanding Ukrainian artist" (Lebedeva)




Publication: Mystetstvo, Kyiv, 1971.

KOTLIAREVSKII, Ivan, Anatolii BAZYLEVYCH (artist), Eneida

“The father of modern Ukrainian literature” in a very visual interpretation during Soviet times, by an important Ukrainian artist. Very rare in the West.

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Our Notes & References

“The first work written wholly in the Ukrainian language” (Britannica) here in a striking artistic interpretation.

Rare outside Ukraine and Russia: we could not locate any copy of this edition in libraries and auctions in the West.

The famous burlesque-travesty Aeneid (1798; the complete version published in 1842) distinguished Ivan Kotliarevskii (1769-1838) as “the father of modern Ukrainian literature” (Britannica). In the poem, Kotliarevskii transformed the heroes of Virgil’s Aeneid into dispossessed Ukrainian Cossacks of the period after the destruction of Zaporozhian Host by the order of Catherine the Great in 1775. He brought together with praise and irony different elements of life and culture of Ukrainian society of the second half of the 18th century and included “valuable materials not only from the vernacular but also from various distinctive idioms; e.g., those of seminarians, wanderers, and thieves” (Britannica).

It was Kotliarevskii’s Aeneid that “became the pinnacle of the work by the outstanding Ukrainian artist” (Lebedeva, our translation here and elsewhere) Anatolii Bazylevych (1926–2005), “one of the artists who determined the image of Ukrainian art in the second part of the 20th century” (Kerziouk).

Bazylevych created around 130 colourful and sometimes transgressive illustrations for Kotliarevskii’s magnum opus in 1967; the first edition with his illustrations came out in 1968, and was republished 17 times over the next years, with many editions having slight changes to some of the daring illustrations with female nudes. For this work, Bazylevych was awarded the title of the Honoured Artist of the Ukrainian SSR in 1969.

This edition focuses on 12 exemplary brightly coloured illustrations, each captioned with corresponding excerpts from the poem. Our copy retains its original folder, also strikingly illustrated.


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Twelve 8vo printed cards in publisher’s illustrated folder.


Folder lightly rubbed at extremities, small creases towards edges, light marginal soiling and staining; the cards nicely fresh.

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