Very rare ABC by an artist of the Moscow Darwin Museum

VATAGIN, Vasilii Alekseevich

Azbuka v kartinkakh

VATAGIN, Vasilii Alekseevich, Azbuka v kartinkakh, Moskva, 1926.
Charming early Soviet ABC by a noted artist of natural history, in excellent condition and very rare: we could trace only one copy at auction (in Russia) and one in a public library (in Russia too). Read More

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Astrology and predictions in Russia


[The Book, Called Bruce's Calendar]

[BRUCE'S CALENDAR], [The Book, Called Bruce's Calendar], Moskva, 1810].
Complete example of an early, fully engraved edition of this famous, richly illustrated civil calendar, with predictions to the 20th century. A fine example with provenance charmingly handwritten. "A great rarity" writes Bitovt. Read More

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