A great Russian Napoleonica, complete in original wrappers

BOZHOVSKII, Vasliii Konstantinovich

Vystavka 1812 goda: illiustrirovanoe izdanie

BOZHOVSKII, Vasliii Konstantinovich, Vystavka 1812 goda: illiustrirovanoe izdanie, , 1913.
The impressive, thick and richly illustrated catalogue of the centenary exhibition celebrating the Patriotic War against Napoleon. Very rare in wrappers, complete with all plates. Read More

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Sobor Sv. Kniazia Vladimira v Kieve

[UKRAINE], Sobor Sv. Kniazia Vladimira v Kieve, , 1898.
First edition of this attractive production of Kiyv's leading publisher at the time, and fine study of the architecture and decorations of the recent cathedral. Read More

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