Napoleon's stay at Waterloo's farm

LAUDY, Lucien

Drawings of Napoleon's Imperial Guard AND Regiments of the Line

LAUDY, Lucien, Drawings of Napoleon's Imperial Guard AND Regiments of the Line, , 1909-11].
More than 60 watercolours of Napoleonic uniforms, drawn by a Nopoleon fan who initiated a museum in the house where Napoleon stayed before the final battle of Waterloo. An historical object, finely bound. Read More

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A great Russian Napoleonica, complete in original wrappers

BOZHOVSKII, Vasliii Konstantinovich

Vystavka 1812 goda: illiustrirovanoe izdanie

BOZHOVSKII, Vasliii Konstantinovich, Vystavka 1812 goda: illiustrirovanoe izdanie, , 1913.
The impressive, thick and richly illustrated catalogue of the centenary exhibition celebrating the Patriotic War against Napoleon. Very rare in wrappers, complete with all plates. Read More

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The failed revolt - very rare


Donesenie Varshavskogo komiteta

[DECEMBRISTS], Donesenie Varshavskogo komiteta, , 1826.
Very rare first edition of this important report on the Decembrists' revoltof the end of 1825. A lovely copy with contemporary provenance. Only one example traced outside Russia. Read More

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