Not a friend of Romanovs' Russia

GERTSEN, Aleksandr Ivanovich [Alexander HERZEN]

Byloe i dumy: Pervoe polnoe izdanie

GERTSEN, Aleksandr Ivanovich [Alexander HERZEN], Byloe i dumy: Pervoe polnoe izdanie, , 1921.
First complete edition of Herzen's main work, containing "the broadest, most truthful and most penetrating overview of the Russian social and cultural history of the first half of the nineteenth century". A scarce edition, in five small volumes. Read More

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U-u-u-u-u-u....: the first publication


Sobache serdtse

BULGAKOV, Mikhail, Sobache serdtse, , 1968.
First publication in Russian of Bulgakov's suppressed satirical masterpiece, banned in Soviet Union until 20 years later. Read More

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From Tolstoy to Lenin, Gorky and Chaliapin - in Japan

SKITALETS [pseud. of Stepan Gavrilovich PETROV].

O znamenitykh russkikh liudiakh

SKITALETS [pseud. of Stepan Gavrilovich PETROV]., O znamenitykh russkikh liudiakh, , 1927.
Very rare Russian book published in Japan, presenting short sketches of important Russian contemporaries, such as Tolstoy, Lenin, Gorky and Pleakhanov. Read More

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Dostoevsky's most political novel

DOSTOEVSKY, Fedor Mikhailovich


DOSTOEVSKY, Fedor Mikhailovich, Besy, , 1873.
Dostoevsky's most political novel: a very good example of the first edition, in contemporary Russian binding. Read More

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The Twelve Chairs carry on

ILF i PETROV [ie. Ilya ILF and Evgeny PETROV]

Novyia pokhozhdeniia Ostapa Bendera: Kniga vtoraia romana "Zolotoi telenok"

ILF i PETROV [ie. Ilya ILF and Evgeny PETROV], Novyia pokhozhdeniia Ostapa Bendera: Kniga vtoraia romana "Zolotoi telenok", , 1931.
After "The Twelve Chairs": rare first edition of the second part of "The Golden Calf", Ilf and Petrov's beloved masterpiece of Soviet satire. A lovely example in original wrappers and published outside the Soviet Union. Read More

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