20th century: Dissidence & Emigre

SVITKOV, Nikolai [pseud. for Nikolai STEPANOV].

Masonstvo v Russkoi Emigratsii [Freemasonry in Russian emigration].

Rare second edition of Svitkov's main work on freemasonry, where he details the development of modern Russian Masonic lodges outside of Russia since 1920, adding a list of Russian Freemasons as of January 1, 1932 (to which he even includes Vladimir Ulianov-Lenin). It follows the first edition printed in Paris 32 years earlier, and a third, very similar edition was published by the same company in 1966. This second edition was augmented with a preface by V. Merzheevskii, a contribution by the Chairman of the Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, bishop Antonii, and Svitkov's article "Voennaia lozha" [Military lodge], published earlier in 1955 in Vladimirskii vestnik periodical. Read more

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